Micro-Scale  Systems

Engagement Models

Standard Products

Crossfire designs and manufactures various standard products  designed for the merchant market. CrossFire breaks its standard products into Platform Module and ASSP offerings We are currently in the design stage for our first platform module, based upon the Xilinx ZU9.  Please contact sales for more information.      

Customized Platform Modules and ASSPs

Given the compromises necessary to attempt to cover as many use cases in the definition of standard product as possible, "one size fits all" can sometimes turn into "one size fits none".   In this situation, CrossFire can easily customize a module or ASSP to better fit the use case.   For example, a module could have its footprint changed to better fit system requirements.   Additional resources can be added (doubling DRAM for example) or subtracted (remove DRAM), substitute resources (swap DRAM for Flash), or practically anything in between. 

Full Custom 

Sometimes the best alternative is to just start with a blank sheet of paper and design a fully optimized system.  CrossFire excels in this space.  Roughly speaking, we can give you much of the functionality of a System on Chip (SoC) with our Heterogeneous System on Chip (HS0C) offering - in down to 25% of the time and a significantly lower cost.   The HSoC can then be combined with standard ASSP and FPGA die into a Die Based Module yielding the maximum benefit in performance, power, size, and weight for the particular application.  The Full Custom design can even become the basis for a company "specific standard product" which can then be "tweaked" to tune it to different applications 

Sales Channels

CrossFire is currently building out its sales representative network  In the meantime,  please email  sales@crossfire-tech.com.  We will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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