Micro-Scale  Systems

CrossFire's patented foundation technology is based on Die First and Die Last Processes.  Die First and Die Last can be utilized together to create optimal solutions for almost any system integration and connectivity challenge   

Die First

The Die First process consists of creating reconstituted wafers from semiconductor die and discrete components such as Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Resistors and Capacitors.  The wafer is then processed with standard semiconductor back-end processing techniques.  This process can result in extremely dense connectivity profiles.

Although large die can be handled with the Die First process, it is best utilized with smaller or lower value die and components.

Die Last

With the Die Last process, system connectivity is created first - again by utilizing semiconductor back-end processing techniques - followed by mounting of semiconductor.  Die Last  supports utilization of packaged parts such as Chip Scale Packaged devices and BGAs. Die Last also supports mounting of Die First devices as part of the assembly. 

Large and high value die are the forte of the Die Last process.  Adding these devices as one of the last manufacturing steps increases yield and reduces the loss of high value devices.

Advanced Technologies

CrossFire has advanced 3D integration capabilities in various stages of development, and is interested in locating alpha and beta partners to work with.  Please contact our sales team for further information. 

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