Micro-Scale  Systems

About CrossFire

CrossFire Technologies Inc. develops and manufactures electronic systems using its patented interconnect process and patented die to die ultra-low power interconnect. CrossFire provides Micro Scale Systems that are developed with system partners into Standard Products. Our proprietary systems will combine multiple semiconductor die into a single integrated electronic component. A Micro Scale System may include such die as DRAM or Flash memory, a standard processor System on Chip, an FPGA, power devices and passives. By using our technology, our customers are able to produce complex electronic systems while reducing electronic system size, system development cost, and time-to-market. 

CrossFire is privately held and its executive offices are located in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.  

CrossFire's Founder and CEO

CrossFire is headed by Kevin E. Atkinson, a serial entrepreneur with two successful prior exits. Kevin founded Digital MediaCom (DMC) in 1995, and served as its CEO until DMC was acquired by MathStar in 2001 for $25M. Kevin served as CTO of MathStar and was instrumental to its successful IPO in 2003. Soon afterward, Kevin founded CrossFire Technologies. 

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